Michael Buscemi

Michel Buscemi was born in upstate New York. As a young child Michael traveled all around the country with his family before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid 80’s. For the past 14 years Michael has been working in the studio environment creating and developing an ever-permuting body of work while still maintaining a distinctive style. Actively involved in the Bay Area art scene, Buscemi feels that artist’s strength is in their unity and has actively sought to unite local artists through curating group shows. Buscemi’s work has become part of collections throughout the Bay Area, New York and across the country. His studio process has been chronicled in a documentary by independent filmmaker, Peter Miller. The film followed the creation of “The Sun & The Moon,” a vast and appropriately atmospheric oil on canvas.
Michael Buscemi
Lake of Fire
Paper and Mixed Media on Wood
Michael Buscemi
Wind and Water Series
Hand Cut Rag Paper Collage
Michael Buscemi
Ink on Paper