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Jill HackneyGiverny

After 28 years, in the summer of 2018, Jill Hackney was able to return to Giverny, France to paint in the gardens of artist Claude Monet. Through the Foundation Claude Monet Jill was able to paint in solitude for hours in the blissful space, feeling the resonance of the spirit of Monet. This opportunity allowed the artist to explore a new pathway with her signature mark-making.

Artist Demond Featured in House BeautifulApril 2019

Artist Demond Matsuo was featured in the April 2019 issue of the magazine House Beautiful titled Wild Ways to Use Color. His mixed media collage on canvas piece Warrior is installed an apple green wall on top of a white antique grated fireplace.

Brandon BallengéeGhosts of the Gulf

April 17th-May1st

Harvey Harris, a member of LSU School of Art Faculty from 1967-1982, made a significant impact on the scope and breath of the Fine Art Program during his tenure at the university.

Ryan Cobourn, Audubon Park Series Exhibition May 8th

March 8th

The Audubon landscape paintings and their related works stem from a trip I took this past January to New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Although at times the works can become more abstract, I still need to work from life as a way to generate ideas, compositions, and color palettes..