Nate Sheaffer

Neon Sculptor Nate Sheaffer Adds Modern Touch to Classic Objects

August 2019


Ann Connelly Fine Art featured artist, Nate Sheaffer, brings a newfound energy to found objects through his electrifying neon tubing and glass-blowing technique.

Three months after graduating from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the late 80’s, Sheaffer was inspired to begin specializing in installations featuring neon and LED lighting.  His distinctive style consists of adding colorful neon wording and designs to found objects, sculptures, and canvases. 

Sheaffer’s bold yet tasteful work involves upcycling discarded or disused material in an effort to

“…draw awareness to ways we all can be more thoughtful in multi-purpose usefulness of the planet’s natural resources” – Nate Sheaffer

Check out his work online and in the gallery!