Edward Pramuk

Veronica II, 1978
Acrylic and Collage on Paper
22 x 30 in
"First hearing the story of St. Veronica made a big impression on me. I felt her intense emotion as she reached out to comfort a battered Jesus as he labored under the weight of his crucifix on the way to his punishing death. The placing of her veil on his bloodied face is a gesture of solace and compassion. A myth evolved from her act of mercy which claims that an impression of his face appeared on her veil. My 'Veronica' attempts to bring her intimate intervention into focus without relying on that myth. The red diagonal shape signifies her blood-drenched veil. It towers behind the silhouette of the violet-robbed Veronica in the foreground. Three layered planes of cool light hover nearby. Could they be of celestial origin? No angels are mentioned in accounts I have read about St. Veronica, however, I like to think angels were there."