Jacqueline Dee Parker

Jacqueline Dee Parker

"As a mixed media painter and a poet, my work cross-pollinates, stirred by the correspondence between these art forms. Just as words, sounds, and images rooted in emotional memory may trigger the composition of a poem, collage elements move me to build layers and texture, to respond to textual and cultural evidence, and to justify a pack-rat sensibility, all the while engaged in a visceral construction of space. Early life in the home of an architect and a violinist clearly influenced my aesthetic. Exposure to the art of architecture encouraged my interest in spatial relationships, taught me to read elevations and visualize their 3-D intentions, and, at construction sites, to appreciate the evolution of concept to form. Music played where words ended, stirred reflection, roused layers of emotional response, and altered the sense of place and time. Together, these ingredients fostered an affinity for abstraction and design." - Jacqueline Dee Parker

Jacqueline Dee Parker Studio Practice Series

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