Kathleen Lemoine

Routinely looking through my sketchbook is the way I keep track of the ideas
I want to explore. A quick sketch can give me all the material I need to begin a
body of work and in this series I was interested in how shape is brought to life by
color. I began simply - knowing that by repeating and juxtaposing shapes I could
create exciting patterns. I also knew I wanted to use intense color for the shapes
and by custom mixing my paints before I began I would have a rich palette to
draw from throughout the series.
Then I became excited by a further possibility - exploring another idea that
intrigues me - creating multiple paintings capable of standing alone but also work
in a grid to make a larger work. In theory, the curator or viewer then has the
possibility of bringing something of themselves to my work, creating yet another
vision and to my way of thinking there cannot be too many visions in our personal
world or the world at large.

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