Megan Buccere

Megan Buccere


Megan Hudson Buccere is a narrative painter who works primarily in soft pastels and oils. She attended Louisiana State University, holds a Bachelor of Science in Art Education, and has taught advanced and talented high school art for the past 20 years. She is also the co-founder of Copycat Violence Art Collective that now features over 30 internationally renowned artists. Buccere's painting style features soft surreal works that blur the line between beauty and fear, creating stunning pieces with an edge.  Her use of coincidental, accidental, and unexpected connections, such as her use of strings, multiple hands, and all knowing eyes, often leaves viewers orphaned with a mix of conflicting feelings and thoughts.  

Megan's current work (2015 - present) has largely dealt with breaking free from anxiety and depression.

“My daily struggle through anxiety has brought me through isolation, melancholy, and eventually the cathartic release of its grip, all of which I seek to express through the details of my work.  The oil paintings’ sticky strings represent my sense of understanding of how anxiety appears and its hold of every aspect of my life.  Additionally, the strings connect different facets of my life, seeming to strangle me and other sufferers.  I also use natural elements such as encroaching flora and fauna to describe my feelings of being stuck in a repetitive cycle of worry and fear.   The soft pastels and small bits of dust-like metallic leaf drifting through some of the works represents the lifting of the anxiety and my emergence from its disorienting fog.” - Megan Buccere


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